About Tarco

Tarco Air is Sudanes privet Airline established 2009 as domestic operator in Sudan.


Tarco Air is Sudanes privet Airline established 2009 as domestic operator
in Sudan. Where we have started flying from our base in KRT to Elfasher,
Nyala, Genena, Port Sudan and Kadogli with one leased Aircraft.
We have started offering our services for public at 2009, taking care of all regulations and safety features.
We have learned the meaning of commitment toward our passengers, even with hardest periods, and kept our AC flying safely with offering all comfortable aspects could be provided.
Tarco Air have mixed our professionalism in operation “Safety, security and on time performance” with our Sudan culture of hospitality, welcoming and honor. Keeping in our main the goals of our business by keeping the easy and simple flying Tarco Air to everyone.


With more knowledge and more demand at Sudan market due its magnificent geographic location which does connect Africa with Asia and north, Tarco Air dramatically did more steps toward success.
We have spot our Sudan culture of cooperation with our partners “Travel agencies” who extended their support as partners in making our story more
successful, to reach a distribution of over 500 agencies in Khartoum itself.
With our team work and determination, we have upgraded our fleet from one
leased “EAK 42” type to own one bigger aircraft type “Boeing 737-300”.
Where we kept same track in improvement and honor toward our clients to
reach today 5 aircrafts type “Boeing 737-300”.
And from just locally domestic operator, to wider operator as domestic and international operator started with Egypt “Cairo” , South Sudan “Juba” and Chad “NDJ-Amena”. With Father success, Tarco Air launched new route to expand its network to cover two destinations in Saudi Arabia kingdom “Jeddah & Riyadh”. And started flying to Hashiet Kingdom of Jordan “Amman” and increased frequencies to KSA and Egypt, serving in that as much as it can to Tarco Air loyal clients.


With same confident steps and knowledge improvement, Tarco Air completed
it’s own study of business cases, and developments mixed with same original
Sudan culture of honor. Tarco Air is about launching new routes to Lebanon “Beirut”, Ethiopia “Addis” and new destination at KSA “Dammam”. Where also other destinations are in queue along with additional aircrafts orders.